HOROSCOPE-BOOZING: Now what the hell is that?

Today if I tell you that I’m going to select a PERFECT DRINK for you using the stars, you might roll your eyes, or call me a lunatic. Well, believe it or not your Zodiac Sign has much to say about your boozing desires and apathies. Remember how you always like beer while your best friend is a wine person – seems random?  Well, ask your stars!!  Continue reading “HOROSCOPE-BOOZING: Now what the hell is that?”


Reflexion(Majestic Suits): Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all ?

When I read Reflexion, the first thing that comes to my mind are mirrors!!

‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the Fairest of them all? ‘ – A famous quote from Snow White

Continue reading “Reflexion(Majestic Suits): Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all ?”


Zucca Lounge: The Rooftop Destination

Do you remember those scenes from the hindi movies – a white bed placed randomly on a beach with lots of white frills, white cushions and white curtains? Well, the moment I entered Zucca Lounge Rooftop Arena, that’s what struck me – a portion of the sitting area was designed in that fashion!! SO CHIC !! Continue reading “Zucca Lounge: The Rooftop Destination”


Aura (Hotel Sonnet) : Symphony in Harmony

Few things in life remain etched in our memories forever! Be it significant, be it inconsequential, be it small, be it big, be it happy, be it sad; we recall them time and again through our walk of life. Sometimes it’s something at the back of our mind, sometimes it’s just an incident, sometimes it’s reminiscing, and sometimes it’s even re-living! Continue reading “Aura (Hotel Sonnet) : Symphony in Harmony”

Appetiso : Appetising to the MECHO in me 

If ghosts exist –  After my worldly affairs come to an end, I would definitely apply to be a MECHO BHOOT. The GHOST obsessed with eating fish. They go lurking around homes in search of the smell of FISH and steals them. Considering job applications are a thing in afterlife,  I would a perfect fit –  I absolutely love fish, lurking can be a hobby considering it has a kinda detective note (I’m a fan of detective novels & movies)  and stealing definitely has a trill element.

Coming to this life, the budding Mecho Bhoot in me was satiated by the Good Old Fish and Chips at Appetiso.  It had about 200gms of pure, fresh, juicy basa and a crisp exterior.  This was pure love. #MustTry

Appetiso is a brand selling hygienic fried food with kiosks located at Kasba & Golpark. I thank Akriti Shanghavi Arora,  the owner for her hospitality.

I also liked the fish with mustard sauce. Thick fish fries with some tangy mustard was blissful.  The quantity was quite decent.

What I loved about  Appetiso is that the fries weren’t heavy on the stomach.  And they were cooked in excellent quality oil. The batter used for frying ended up making the fries tasty but wasn’t too overbearing. The proportion of fish/meat to batter was suitable. 

I also quite liked the chicken fingers & french fries. They came in amply quantity and the packaging was travel friendly.

The best part – home delivery via Zomato & Swiggy.  I’m going to order some fish soon to go with my Big Bang Theory binge watching. Thanks Atreya Paul & Riti Jinia for the invitation.


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Banana Leaf : Breakfast Goals

It was a November Saturday Morning – A breeze, lush greens, a quite roadway and sunlight pouring in through the window. The tranquillity of Vivekananda Park and my own sense of peace after a tedious work-week complement each other.  I was relaxed and laid-back.

Banana Leaf has always been my go to place for South Indian Cuisine. There is something non-superfluous, yet welcoming about  this place and its people.


We started of with FILTER COFFEE,  and only after gulping down two cups did my heart feel satiated.  Though not a coffee person myself,  there is something about filter coffee that just gets to me.  This one is a must try.

Then we had PORATA (Kerala Paratha) with KURMA and RAITA. The paratha was crisp and yet quite thick & filling.  The Kurma, while not a conventional choice for the Kerala Paratha tasted quite fine with it.

Then arrived the IDIYAPPAM because Rajesh (The Owner) was in a mood to overfeed his guests that morning (I kid of course, but everything was really filling). Idiyappam, also called string hoppers in English, is a traditional South India food consisting of rice flour pressed into noodle form and then steamed. It was an unconventional breakfast option but tasted delicious.

Finally when the Bengali in me yearned for something sweet, it was like someone read my mind,  because out came the warm RAVA KESARI fresh from the kitchen. Rava kesari is made with semolina(suji in bengali), sugar and a pinch of saffron or food color. It is often served with simple meals as a dessert or as an offering to Gods. It was mouthwatering.

I would like to thank Rajesh Bala for his hospitality and his staff for their diligent and customer oriented nature.


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