5 Everyday Fruits that can make your Morning Tea Healthier and Tastier

Common fruits can make your run-of-the-mill teas an expedition through the tunnels of deliciousness!!  I have enlisted a few fruits that we find everyday and everywhere, they are always a part of our grocery list, and their nutritional value is unparalleled. They are colorful, they are sweet, they are tangy – a bundle of joy; just add them to your basic tea recipes and get engulfed in their varied flavors each day!!

  • Apple:04_Apples

    Instead of water, use hot & diluted apple juice (fresh or canned) to steep the tea. If you feel lazy, you can always add freshly chopped apple in your steaming-hot tea and let it infuse. Put some honey for a flare of sweetness. There is more to the cliché, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” than meets the eye. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, dietary fiber and a plethora of minerals apples help to reduce the risks of heart disease, bad cholesterol, stroke, dementia, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

  • Mango:


    Add small chunks of mango to hot water and soak it for 7-10 minutes. Then make the tea in your usual process. You can also add a dash of lime to give your tea an element of freshness along with an extra dose of Vitamin C. Not only will mangoes add some sweetness to your mundane cup of tea but its aphrodisiac qualities will improve your sex life. Renowned as the ‘Love Fruit’, Mangoes with its abundance of Vitamin E boosts sex hormones. It also alkalizes the body and keeps diabetes under check.

  • Lychee: Lychee_Fruit

    Add some lychee & ginger extract to hot water, let it sit for some time; add green tea or regular tea to create an aromatic fusion. This is a perfect summer tea – Ginger will help you to relieve digestive problems and Lychee will bring cooling effect on the human body to beat the scorching heat.

  • Pineapple: pineapple

    Add a few pieces of fresh pineapple to a cup of hot water, and allow it to steep for 10-12minutes; add some mild tea to create an invigorating experience. The pineapple adds a refreshing flavor, some sweetness and is a storehouse of a wide range of vitamins and minerals that act against asthma, blood pressure, cancer, digestive problems.

  • Orange:

    SONY DSCIn a pot, boil water and stir in some sugar or honey and a cinnamon stick. Add some fresh or canned orange juice and let it soak for some time; then add the tea leaves. This morning tea will spice up you life with a splash of tangy freshness and a powerhouse of nutrients that will keep you going all day long. From heart disease to diabetes, from nuro-degenerative disease to fungal infection, from skin disease to cancer this healthy concoction will help you fight it all.

DISCLAIMER: The pictures are derived from parts of the internet.

Hope you liked this blog. Wishing your foodathon is a healthy and delightful one! Keep Brewing!!


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