Grand Finale of Mahindra’s ‘NuPro Mumma Chef’ Competition

I was cordially invited by Sumantika Choudhury(PR, AdFactors) as a Food Blogger to cover the Grand Finale of Mahindra’s ‘NuPro Mumma Chef’ Competition held at Jamuna Banquets, Marquis Street, Kolkata. On June 11, 2016, Kolkata: Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited (MASL), a 100% subsidiary of M&M, hosted the grand finale of its consumer engagement program ‘NuPro Mumma Chef’ in Kolkata. On this day 56 pre-selected housewives competed for the coveted title of the best ‘Mumma Chef’ and Mrs Shikha Mukherjee won with flying colors. 

NuPro – The Brand:

NuPro-The Brand

The Agri Business vertical of Mahindra & Mahindra, part of the USD 16.9 billion Mahindra Group, launched its branded edible oil – NuPro for the health conscious Indian consumer. The company, under the NuPro brand, offers a bouquet of edible oils, the first of which is the NuPro Virgin Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil.

The brand NuPro is derived from a combination of the words: Nutrition and Progression. NuPro reflects Mahindra’s commitment towards developing progressive farming practices and its close association with the farmers which ensures that only the best quality output reaches the end consumer.

NuPro Virgin Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil is highly pungent and free from any chemical ingredient, providing consumers with the purest form of edible oil available in the market. It contains an excellent ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids which are crucial for optimal health and metabolism. The company stamps its products with the Mahindra Quality Standard (MQS) seal to validate its consistent promise of high quality standards. With its stringent set of guidelines the MQS acts as the veritable seal of quality from the house of Mahindra, assuring consumers of the best.

Grand Finale of Mahindra’s ‘NuPro Mumma Chef’ Competition:


Background: A first of its kind consumer engagement program to display culinary skills of housewives across the city of Kolkata. As part of the initiative, a food truck went around the housing societies of Kolkata, challenging the housewives to prepare Bengali delicacies using its NuPro Kachchi Ghani mustard oil.56 deserving candidates were chosen to participate in the Grand Finale to fight this battle of ‘cooking’ for the glorious title of ‘NuPro Mama Chef’.

Participants In Action

Event: The 56 house wives were divined into batches of ten. Each of them were given 8 ingredients and 30 minutes to prepare their best dish in the finale. All items were cooked in NuPro Kachchi Ghani mustard oil which has created a niche for itself post its launch in Kolkata last year. Scores were evaluated basis the taste, ingredients and food presentation. The event was judged by renowned chef Sarmistha Dey, food enthusiast – Mohan Nair and Business Head – Edible Oil, Mahindra Agri Business – Deboshree Chakraborty. Sarmistha Dey is not only a celebrated chef; she has played the role of a television hostess, presenter and judge of cookery shows for more than 20 years.

Judgement Time

The objective of the event was to create an engaging program for the primary consumers of NuPro – THE HOUSEWIVES.The consumer engagement program ensured that the participants who are house wives from all across the city and their families are engrossed in the program. The event promoted the brand, it also ensured that NuPro’s primary customers get involved in a captivating culinary experience and get the opportunity to display their skills on a impartial, city-wide platform with a lot media coverage.



Food Bloggers and Media Personnel from all over Kolkata were invited to cover this event. It was a marvelous experience. I was welcomed by a goody bag from NuPro. When I entered the Banquet was bustling with enthusiastic family members, tensed participants busy at work, lots of cameras here and there from various news channels, assorted veggies & meat on display, helpers running here and there under the instruction of their chefs and a hostess on the mike trying the keep the pressure low. Even among all the merriment and the carnival atmosphere one could feel the pressure building up. After each 30mintutes slot, the judges walked around the table tasting food and giving marks. Perks of being a Food Blogger – you get to try some gourmet delicacies yourself. I also stayed back for the lunch buffet, and everything was cooked in NuPro Kachchi Ghani mustard oil. The food was truly delicious.

Bloggers and Judges

The winner Sikha Mukherjee was rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 20,000 and a NuPro gift hamper. The first and second runners-up won cash prizes of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5000, respectively, along with NuPro gift hampers.

Celebrity Chef in the making – Sikha Mukherjee


L -R Celebrity Chef Sarmistha Dey, winner of NuPro Mumma Chef 2016 Sikha Mukherjee, Deboshree Chakraborty, GM, Mahindra Agri Business & Mohan Nair, Senior GM, M&M Ltd at the grand finale.JPG

L –R: Celebrity Chef Sarmistha Dey, winner of NuPro Mumma Chef 2016 Sikha Mukherjee, Deboshree Chakraborty, GM, Mahindra Agri Business & Mohan Nair, Senior GM, M&M Ltd at the grand finale.

Thank You Sumantika  and AdFactors for a Lovely Experience. I wish the Brand NuPro great success!

P.S: My father has already started using the mustard oil from my goody bag and he loves it. 🙂



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